Thursday, March 17, 2016

Running without Eating

Today was one of those days.

First of all I was tired.  I am napping at 7PM -waking up at 7:30 falling asleep at 11 and getting up at 4.  I'm tired all the time !

Happy St. Patrick's Day by the Way from two musicians on Grafton Street.

Also my food consisted of a protein drink, a slice of cheese, a cookie, and a piece of toast.  A 12:30 meeting meant no meal time.  I thought about ordering food but I thought i might look like a pig eating it.
There were apples -but I hate apples.

It was 79 degrees and 5:30 and still I ran!  3 slow sloggy miles.  But I ran!  Knowing it is all for fun makes it great.

Shadow selfie on my cool down.  It looks like I am wearing a cape.

This was a slow slow run but whatever!!
Inspirational quote of the day.  No lie-this is total truth.

My beautiful Trail