Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Most Pleasant Run I've Ever Had

This was my last day on the trail for two weeks.  The last run for a really long time which was just for fun.  And it was -7 miles of pure pleasure.  Just a nice run on the trail-with it's flowing water and green fields.  Nice cool weather with a gentle headwind on the way back -which you always want because it cools you off.  
Such a great run.

So I've decided to show you pictures from my trail.  I love this place.  I'm so happy there even when it hurts.  I'm happy because I'm healthy enough to be there.  If you are on the trail I will always smile and wave at you.  Unless I don't.


The Foot Bridge

The Goats

The Rules

The View at 2 Miles

The Rain

The Drought

I love this trail.

Running Song of the Day  Encore-JayZ and Lincoln Park