Saturday, March 19, 2016

On Fridays We Dance

When I decided to bring back the blog with a focus on my training for the marathon and how it would take over my life for nine months like a pregnancy-I decided to write about my training.  So on days I don't run or work out I don't post.  Because -on Fridays we dance.

And staying out to midnight and dancing for hours and whatever else the night included make for a tired Saturday.

So while I still can -you know before exercise becomes work I decided that I would take myself for a walk with Rob rather than a run with myself.  

It was nice to just walk and catch up.  So that 3 mile notice from Nike?  3.46  actually was a walk not a run.  But that's okay!!

Next week we are going to Ireland for Meghan's wedding.  I'm not even bringing any workout things.  None Not any.  Nothing. Nada.  Not even trying.  So you probably won't hear from me-unless I do a wedding pic dump.
One of my favorite NYC landmarks.

Here is your running inspiration.  Your training plan will get you to the finish line.

And today's running song

Sweet Child of Mine-Guns and Roses!