Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why is a one hour Time Change so hard?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve!  

Nothing says st. Patrick's like Guinness.  I'm not celebrating though because we are going to Ireland next week.  All of us.  For a wedding!  So no training until then.

But i'm still working out.  Today was the gym.  Seriously 5AM gym folks  what is the deal with putting a towel on a machine and wandering around to talk to your friends for 15 minutes.  I've watched you-you are not working out that hard. You are just silly.

Plus they wipe the machines down so much I have wet pants from sitting on the bench after they wipe it down and make puddles

But doctor said get strong.  So it's the weight machines-twice a week.  He said so.

Scene from my trail.  The goats!!!!!!!!  I LOVE THEM

Inspirational running quote of the day.

Workout Song of the Day-Don't be a hater-I love this song