Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Commoner Draws a Blank

My new challenge starts Monday and honestly I probably won't be able to do that one every day.  There's only so much I know or can say about my ancestors.  Mostly because I only really know about one side of one side of the family.

So I've pretty much forgotten how to come up with my own blog ideas.  I'm challenge-dependent.  So I went to my Face book feed and said I'll write about what ever's at the top of my feed.  Crazy right?

On the top of my feed?  Someone referenced Myth Busters.  I think that's a show right?  A show about busting myths?  It's probably on National Geographic right?  I'm not googling I refuse-I'm going commando.

There are so many reality shows about people who aren't housewives now that I can't keep up.  I do like House Hunters.  I don't know why because I detest house shopping, selling, and realtors.  Except Margarite.  I loved her.
All I know is that tomorrow is a very special day.  No it's not just Sunday.  It's the return of Real Housewives of New Jersey and the debut of Long Island Princesses.  I can't wait.