Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Commoner Eats An Apple

That's kind of a typo on purpose.  I wanted to get you all excited that I may actually eat fruit other than grapes or watermelon.   Relax I didn't eat an apple I ate at Apple.  

When I graduated college a looooonnng time ago from LIU-CW Post with my business degree I spent a lot of time interviewing for jobs all over New York City in buildings that look like this.

 Long story short-I never worked a building like this because the starting salary wouldn't have covered my train fare.  I worked for a media agency specializing in radio advertising in a three person office in a very old house on Long Island.

Fast forward to California and a lot of years of teaching and I still haven't found my way to the west coast version of these buildings.  If you are wondering I'm talking about these famous Dave's.

 But we're talking Apple here and that's the best of the best, the coolest of the cool, the top of the pop, the dream job, the dream building.  I almost felt that I should be sitting in the waiting room with my shoulder pad interview suit.  But that's not why I was there.

My son Joe works for Apple, he hires and trains people to work at the stores.  He has runs trainings at the Apple Mother ship and has a pass and took me to lunch in their crazy cool cafeteria.

You can't take  pictures of anything in the building but I'll tell you this.  That place had everything you could want to eat at cheap affordable prices-even for the millionaires that work there. 

There was sushi, pizza, prim rib, a salad bar where they made the salad for you, sandwiches, burgers, bison burgers, a soup bar, desserts (including actual gelato in multiple flavors) any kind of beverages you wanted to drink.  The workers serving the food were happy, cheerful, and kind.  Everyone there is happy.  This sure beat my sac of snacks.

I wanted to act out the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes into a company and pretends to work there.  I was going to show up in some lower level office and say, "Hi! I'm the new person."

A quick stop at the store finished off the day, oh yeah and the free valet parking, oh yeah, and the really cool thing they have which shows you every app ever and as they are downloaded they blink.  

That was really cool.  The coolest of the cool.

Apple is cool.  It's the company that changed the world and it's located right here in our own back yard.  And oh yeah, my son works for them-just don't ask him when the new Iphone is coming out.  

He won't tell.