Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Commoner's Ode to A Celebrity

A few hours ago I like the rest of the world heard about the passing of actor James Gandolfini.  I don't know much about him really but he played Tony Soprano and there was A LOT I felt I knew about him.  

So I give to you 10 things I love and will miss about both James Gandolfini

And Tony Soprano
  • Both of them are Italian American's from the New York Metropolitan area.  You may be Italian American, but when you throw in New York Italians (Yes they are both from New Jersey)  it's a whole different culture.
  •  Since moving to California  watching the Sopranos was a way of remembering old family values and traditions  (the legal kind-WE WERE NOT MAFIA)
  •  Watching The Sopranos makes me think of my mother and grandfather.  They both would have LOVED this show.  I know my grandfather would have owned all the DVDs and watched them all the time. He would have known the lines by heart.
  • Little known fact about my mother-she always wanted to be a mafia wife.  Not because of the killing but because mafia wives are taken care of and in turn their job is to take care of their families.  She was confused about weather she should be a mob wife or June Cleaver.
  •  They eat the foods I ate (I can't quite pull off heavy Italian any more).  Their parties are like ours.
  • Jim Gandolfini was a good guy-everyone says that
  • James Gandolfini was in the movie "The Mexican"  which also starred my favorite Brad Pitt
  •  JG (that's what I'll call him) was my ageish.  
  • People in the Sopranos called Tony-T.  Lots of people call me that.  
  • The Catholic Church
  • A lot of my leadership skills were developed by watching the Sopranos. 

I'm not delusional.  I understand the difference between a real person and a character.   Today a real man-an actor, a husband, a father, a friend, a talent-died.

But today no matter what?  We finally have an end to the Sopranos.  One that David Chase refused to give us.  Today Tony Soprano died of a heart attack.  

That's how the story ended.