Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Commoner Tours The Country

A few years ago I made an observation.  What you wonder was that?  It's not anything profound like the meaning of life as exhibited by a butterfly.  No No No.   I observed through my whole life that I have traveled much but taken very few vacations.

It started when I bike raced when trips to Wisconsin and great sites on the east coast always involved a bike race.

 There was time for a few family vacations before all our time was taken up by hockey trips.  We all went to the local ones and would squeeze in trips to Disneyland etc.  I was able to see most of Canada and the midwest with Joe.  These were not vacations.

When we moved to California there were a lot of trips to Dublin and New York to see family.  These are great places to go and I always have fun but these are not vacations.

So one day I was inspired by a commercial for something and said -we like cities, we aren't really beach people. Let's make a list of cities we want to visit.  They don't take a lot of time, you don't really need a car and there's always something to do.

So here is our list of the 10 (and growing) cities we want to see.

1.  Seattle
A close by city we've been to but never had time to explore.  Close by and fun.  We go in 2 weeks.

2.  Chicago
Because of the marathon and the hotel costing so much we just added it to the list.

3.  New Orleans
I've always wanted to go there.

4.  Austin Texas

5.  Atlanta
Orion lives there!

6.  Memphis
To visit this guy

7.  St. Louis

9.  Nashville

10.  San Antonio
I just added this one because I watched the ESPN guys out there and think that River Walk looks cool.

Any other suggestions?