Saturday, June 8, 2013

30 Interesting Commoner Facts

30?  30? 30 facts about me -the challenge of the day.   That's going to require quite a stream of consciousness.  So Let's go.

1.  I am an only child

2.  From the time I was 18-21 the drinking age would change just AFTER my birthday so I never ran into  a drinking age blockage.  

3.  I love TV

4.  I hate gyms

5.  I hate crafts

6.  I like to read books

7.  I love to fly

8.  In spite of giving birth to three children I've never had a labor pain

9.  I miss hot summer nights

10.  I hate air conditioning  

11.  I have the taste buds of a 6 year old.

12. I've given up eating fruit and reverted to drinking it in smoothie form

13.  I really like steak

14.  I have never been to England

15.  U2 is my favorite band ever

16.  I refuse to go camping ever

17.  I only drink coffee and iced green tea ever-oops got carried away

18.  I don't play sports that involve flying objects -like softballs

19.  I only actually watch 3 of the Real Housewives series-Orange County, Beverly Hills, and New Jersey.  But I've seen every episode.

20.  Anderson Cooper is my celebrity husband-mostly because I want to be a Vanderbilt and have tea with Gloria. (Yes I know I don't drink tea)

21.  Three foods I miss from NY the most?  Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Entemanns, and Kinishes

22.  I hate talking on the telephone.

23.  I have never been to Spain but I kind of like the music  (right?  That's a song)  Get it?

24.  I sing all the time and may suddenly break out in dance.  

25.  I hate singing songs in school -you know those kids songs you are supposed to sing?  Hate them.

26.  I love public speaking.

27.  I hate the country-not our country-the kind of country with rolling hills and pick up trucks-like a John Cougar Mellacamp kind of country.  Don't like them.

28.  I watch Boomer and Carton every morning on tv and then am pleasantly surprised when it's not snowing and 20 degrees or I don't hit traffic on the BQE going to work-or that no one else really cares that the Knicks are in a slump.

29.  Bill O'Reilly and I went to the same grammar school.

30.  I am 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon-  That makes you 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon.  Do you even know what that means?

That was easy.  30 facts about me.