Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Commoner Does the IPod Shuffle

Today's challenge is a fun one.  I have to put my Ipod on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play.   I decided to use my workout play list.  Since this is kind of a game of roulette I can only hope that my favorite running Jay Z song is picked.  

Also please don't be offended by any gangsta rap which propels my runs.

1.  Glitter in the Air by Pink

This may not be the most rocking song to run to.  I love it though, I love Pink in general for her kick ass attitude.  Something softer is a chance for me to catch my breath look around and not kill myself for 3 minutes.

2.  Club Can't Handle Me -Florida

I love that his name is Flo rida.  I also love all of his music because they allow for built in intervals.  They are fun too.

3.  Jesus Walks-Kanye West

I've told you before I CAN'T run without Kanye.  When I listen to this song I ask Jesus to run with me.  The prayer helps and the beat is fantastic.  Plus it's tough like me!

4.  Pump It -The Black Eyed Peas

My pace automatically increases with this song.  Plus its a happy one.  To train for a marathon you don't always have to be angry.

5.  Candy's Room -Bruce Springsteen

I love the beat of this song.  Plus I really feel like Bruce needs to be on my playlist because he's in his 60s and in great shape.  But honestly?  I keep forgetting to remove this song.  I don't love it so much.

6.  F**K You-  Cee Lo Green

Come on you know you just love this song  and you kind of miss him and his kitten on The Voice-don't you?  You don't well you know what???  LOL

7.  In My Life -By The Beatles

Another song that I love and simply have it in there to have a break and look around.  Plus the older I get the more John Lennon becomes my favorite Beatle.

8.  Everybody Talks-Neon Trees

I have a lot of boppy rock songs on my play list.  They are fun and I always feel like Everybody talks-don't you?  I just assume they do.

9.  Time to Move On -Tom Petty

A driving rock beat to drive me home

10.  Homecoming by Kanye West.

I love songs about going home-even if I hardly ever get home.  But also I love it because I'm always trying to get home from my runs in one piece.  Plus it's about Chi-town where I'll be running my marathon.  PLUS it has my favorite quote

Reach for the stars because if you fall you'll land in a cloud.

There you go-quite an eclectic list-10 random songs from my running playlist.  That was fun.  You try it-I have to go delete Springsteen