Monday, June 10, 2013

The Commoner Discovered Superman

You've read the title of the blog and you are saying "No you did not."  I will tell you "Yes I did".  I can spot a future beef cake actor a mile away.  If I could figure out how to make money from this talent I would not be a commoner.  

In one particular instance I discovered Super Man.  Stop it doubter I did.  

A few years ago on one of those 15 hour flights from Dublin-the very flight where Rob caught swine flu-I was watching a captivating show called the Tudors.  It retold the story of King Henry VIII  (8th).  It was a Showtime series.It was sexy, it was captivating, and I became hooked on a story retold as never before.  If you missed it you need to rent it-it's so good.

Jonathan Ryse Meyers was pretty cool as King Henry-he could transfix you with his eyes and go from captivating to deadly in the blink of one of those blue eyes.  

But it was his friend  Sir Charles Brandon played by Henry Caville (a name so English I often forgot which was the character and which was the actor).  

This character was Henry's one true friend through his whole life and possibly the most upstanding character in the show. You weren't sure if it were the actor's good looks or the characters loyalty which were more attractive.

 Okay it's his looks.

 The whole world will know him now and I'm glad because it means he won't disappear to some English tv show that I will never get to see.

Last year flying to Ireland there were less series to choose from Thank You Aer Lingus.  I went through everything.  I ended up watching the Irish movies.  Can you believe there are Irish movies?  They move very slowly.

One of them actually hooked me-it was called What Richard Did.  It was slow and quite surprising as it did not turn out the way I thought it would.  This movie wound up winning one of those Indy movie things, Sundown, Tri Beca, Cannes. one of those.

I kept thinking this was a great movie and would ask everyone in Ireland had they seen it?  They hadn't.  But the star - a Dublin teenager also was captivating.  While his character was not always likeable-the acting was great.    I kept telling Bob this kid's going to be a big star.

This movie was called What Richard Did-and this actor?
His name is Jack Reynor-he was just cast as the lead in Transformers.

The commoner wants her commission.