Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Commoner Thinks This is the Best Thing Ever

I have a lot of habits, a lot of things I say and do all of the time.  Okay I'm a little OCD....

 One thing I've noticed my self saying is "This is the best thing ever."  

One of the things that I think are the best thing ever is my Keurig coffee maker that is -get this-in my classroom. So when ever I feel like I need a pick me up or a calm me down, there it is with that great noise that they make.  It's the best thing ever.
 Another thing I often say this about is my refrigerator freezer.  It has something I've never had.  It has an indoor ice maker and water dispenser.  Yes I know I've lived a sheltered life.  I love this because I'm constantly able to drink ice cold iced green tea, or use the crushed ice feature to make smoothies.  It's the best thing ever.
The Iphone is really cool.  After all it's a computer in your hand.  It's a map, it's a phone, it has apps for anything you want, it's a stereo, it's everything.  It's a TV it's a book. It's a running coach. Ask my daughter Meghan and she'll tell you that having your IPhone stolen is worse than having your pocketbook stolen.   It's really the only promise from The Jetsons that's been filled.  it's the best thing ever.
One more best thing ever for tonight (we just had 2 earthquakes so really the best thing ever is nothing fell)  but the last best thing ever is face wipes.  Whoever made these wonderful inventions has changed my life.  I use them all the time, when I come home from work before I go running (makeup on is gross when you are running) usually at night before I go to  sleep because they remove make up; but best of all, I keep them at work because I must rub my eyes alot -hence mascara all over my face.  These face wipes are the best thing ever!