Monday, July 1, 2013

The Commoner Visits the Emerald City

This past weekend was our visit to the first city on our 'city list'  Seattle, Washington.  Did you think I was talking about The Wizard of Oz?  You know I click those heals together every morning-but no-It's Seattle!

The object of these city tours is to play tourist and not rent a car.  So when we got to Seattle we asked a sky cab in the elevator to point us to the cabs.  He not only pointed us to them, he try to negotiate a price and when he couldn't get them down below 50 dollars he took us-yes TOOK us to the light rail and explained how to get where we were going.  His name was Malone.

So here are some pictures and captions.

A stop on the Light Rail.
Waiting for the shuttle-in front of Sephora
Our hotel as seen from the Space Needle

The fish throwing guy at Pike Market
The first Starbucks-out of all the little stores in that market-this became the big world wide deal.
A statue in a park by the water dedicated to the homeless.  They basically have their own park!  Seattle takes care of the homeless I guess.

 We went for a three mile run the second morning and got lost.  Rob got really let's say cranky.  I'll add that picture in later.
The Space Needle was cool -yes I did go up-and had the biggest gift shop I've ever seen.

We went to the Pacific Science Museum where I got this cool idea to have my kids make a dinosaur museum next year!

We went to see Man of Steel with hotty Henry Cavil in Imax 3D.  
We took the monorail and met Joe and Debbie Licolli for dinner downtown at this really good Mexican restaurant and caught up on hockey gossip.

 That's Lance from CAHA -when I googled CAHA images Lance's picture came up-but we talked well of you friend!

The Next day we went for a 10 mile run on the waterfront where we saw a lot of cruise ships.
I contemplated what fun a cruise would be.  But I can't control my eating and would eat all the time because food is free-I would gain 50 pounds so no cruise for me.
Trying to find our way home from our run we literally bumped into the Pride Parade.  This parade was so big that we watched quite a bit-went home, napped, changed, and still managed to catch more of the parade.  Longest parade ever on the hottest day ever in Seattle.

So that's pretty much the highlight of Seattle.  City number one on the city tour list and we've come up with some rules for the rest of the cities.

1.  No rent a cars.
2.  Always buy a Christmas ornament
3.  Always go to a museum
4.  Be a tourist, do all the tourist things.

Next stop New Orleans, well next step Chicago but that's only because we're going there anyway.