Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Commoner and the Kenyan Marathoner

That's right I'm assigned watching videos of Kenyan runners.  What you say?  Say what? That guy is named Moses.

I've been going to a physical therapist for my butt hip problem.  Which turns out to be two separate issues.  Well 3 diagnosis so who knows.  But Dr. Cohen is sending me there so I'm going.

There's no way I can go there twice a week.  I think one more time and I'm done.  Remember I have crappy insurance and it's going to cost a fortune I'm sure.

So I learned some weird stretches and especially learned how to use a foam roller which was pretty awesome.

 This week the physical therapist had promised to video tape me running on the treadmill and analyzing my running technique.  I was pretty sure he was going to tell me that I should give up running in favor for quilting or something (no offense quilters).  So I came ready for action in full running attire.
 Well he told me that my running style was really good.  There's nothing wrong with it. He said my pony tail swayed side to side not up and down.  I run like a duck but that's because my hips are weak.  I walk like a duck too.  But my running style is not hurting me.

 He did however say my cadence was really low. That's the times your feet hit the ground in a minute.  It's supposed to be 180.  Mine isn't even close.  I was even slower than the 76 year old guy he works with.

 So how am I supposed to do that?  Count to 180 while I run?  Count to 60 for a minute at the same time.  He told me that running to this beat will  not mean I run faster, just more efficiently.

I've been running really carefully and with a slight limp -you know physical therapist because my HIP HURTS!!! 

He showed me the above video and told me I should run like that guy Moses.  Really?  You're kidding?  If I could do that I would not have to work, I would simply have to run all the time and would finish the marathon in half the time I'm expected to now.

So I'll probably go back one more time-or maybe not.  I may just foam roll, ice pack, limp, and count to 180-and oh yes watch the video.

I will run like Moses.