Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Commoner and the Wedding List

This weekend's project has been to help set a fellow commoner-let's call her Dristen Kamm with a guy she's seen-um let's say 'notices' at the gym.  

Dristen's been working hard at the gym all summer-the results have been amazing.  She's almost too sculpted to retain commoner status-but I digress.

Commoner Beth was the go to guy at the gym and she went up to said gentleman when she saw him-umm I mean when she knew he was there and went up to him and talked. She broke the ice got a lot of information and dropped Dristen's name to him.  Even a blind man could see that she was working on a set up but the ball is now in Dristen's court.

Dristen can be hard to deal with.  Maybe that's why she's still single and she came up with all of these reasons why she can't be married.

She wrote this that's why it says I

1. I am pretty selfish and want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

2. I can't stomach the idea of picking up some guy's dirty socks (I hate feet)

3. I like control of the remote.

4. I am super good at cooking for 1.

5. My garage is only clean enough for one car.

6. I don't wanna squish my clothes up in my closet.

7. Dogs terrify me usually, plus I am trying to feed a stray cat to keep the squirrels out of my garden and a dog might scare away said cat.

We just want to be friends!

I have to jump in here and say -what on earth is Dristen talking about.  What does a dog have to do with a potential husband?  

8. I can get by on 4 loads of laundry a week, sometimes less if I don't work out.

9. I don't like Nascar-this is a deal breaker.

10. I've just gotten into the habit of working out and don't need a distraction, unless HE has dinner cooked when I get home. In this case and especially if he bbqs then forget the first 9 reasons...I'll give it my best college try!

 Well Beth had lots of solutions to these problems.  We all did.  We assured that Love is Blind and she could get away with so much if the guy really loved her.  But she had a rebuttal.  

Part 2

I'm working on adding to my list. Changing my slant to "requirements"-Again these are Dristen's words

11. Must have friends. I have a pretty wide circle of friends and sometimes "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

12. Must be willing to travel - or not! See #11. Sometimes it IS a girls trip!

13. Must be willing to keep snakes out of my sight. I can handle spiders, but not snakes. Oh, I don't like mice either.

14. Pay attention when I talk...I often think faster than I speak! Oh, and sometimes I think before speaking. Work with me.

15. My family has an odd sense of with it.

16. I can drive a tractor and shoot a gun-yeehaw! If you have a ranch and/or own a gun that's points for you.

Howdy Dristen

17. I prefer to be with a guy who likes to dance, or at least orders margaritas for me while I dance.

18. I appreciate time alone and hope you do too-don't smother me!

19. Sometimes I go to the movies just so I can have popcorn for dinner. Bon apetite!

20. If the movie is funny I'm gonna laugh, really loudly! It won't be lady-like at all. If this bugs you see #11.

That's a lot of requirements.  So if you know any one who can turn a blind eye to all of these requirements-or if you know this guy.  Please let us know!