Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Commoner Runs Alone

Okay well I really didn't run alone for the 12 miles.  It was the trail and there were a lot of people, runners, walkers, dog walkers, and cyclists and of course Coach Rob.  But I was alone without my Nike voice girl.

This picture is fuzzy because she was fuzzy today but it wasn't really her fault.  It would take a lot for me to be upset with her.  She tells me my pace, my mileage, and how far to go-I love her.

My son Danny left for Navy Boot Camp and has been cleaning out his wordly posessions.  I have been blessed by him with his Beats by Dre Headphones.  
These are the fanciest top of the line headphones you can own.  You can talk through the thing, skip songs, mute  or pause the music, and most of all the music is clear but not loud.  Important so you can hear the creatures while you run.

Now remember that Dr. Cohen said have fun with your long runs.  Coach Bob said I would have more fun if the Nike chick wasn't constantly telling me how fast I was going and if I just listened to the music and ran how I felt.

I told Bob no way.  Can't do it.

So off I went down the path listening to the tunes running fast when all of  a sudden Siri thought I wanted to talk and made that beeping sound.  She would make the sound and interrupt the song and a few seconds later the song would continue.

Sometimes the song would go super fast or skip, sometimes the song would stop and I'd have to restart it.  What ever-turns out inspite of Lebron being able to use Beats in his in house basketball court -that magical beats speaker thing was super sensitive to the bopping of my perfect running form.

All of a sudden I was passing milestones on my run and realizing Nike girl was no longer saying anything.  She was so confused by all the Siri interruptions she just gave up.  

I realized that Coach Bob was right again!  Running without knowing my pace was liberating-I could look around, I could feel comfortable, I was oblivious.

At the turn around just passed my bridge was my first rest stop and when I paused the Nike App I saw hey-I am doing good.  Eat my Gu-wipe my sweat and continue running.

She came back.  But alas -Beats by Dre still kept thinking I was wanting to talk and she would come and go for the whole run.  

I will not be wearing Beats by Dre when I run and I will be resetting so that Nike girl gives me mile updates not quarter mile updates.  So that when I ease on down the road I can do it with mental ease.

Run on people.