Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Commoner's Summer Top 10 List

Target has pulled out the Back to School Items so that means one thing.  Summer has just started.  Kidding!  Target rushes my life all the time.  But it does signal the midway point of summer-give or take.  

So here are some of my summer obsessions:

Chewable Sprees:  When I travel I like to have sugary candy in my pocket.  They give me a little up lift when I'm tired.  If I am not walking around I keep them in the car.  It limits my sugar consumption.  

 Television Marathons:  What's better about lazy summer days than marathons of your favorite shows-old and new.  Twilight Zone is a 4th of July Tradition.  Walking Dead keeps me up to date on my favorite zombies, and Law and Order SVU seems to never run out of episodes I've never seen and goes on for days.
Hanging out with the dogs:  There's nothing like hanging out all day with Benjie and Bella on an all day dog parade around the house or the neighborhood.

Vacations:  This year I'm lucky enough to have 2 vacations although none of them are to New York.  I got to go to Seattle and I have an upcoming trip to Newport Beach in swanky Orange County.
Playing Real Housewife: That means I get to do the following, leisurely drink coffee, work out at my leisure and frequently, shop, travel, and lunch with my friends often.
Baseball:  Nothing says summer like a day at the ball park.  Even if your team is in last place and even if they are playing your former home town team who equally suck.  Which means if two teams that suck play each other it might be a good game.  Plus AT&T Park is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Blockbuster Movies:  Nothing says summer like big block buster movies-so far I've seen Star Trek, Man of Steel, and World War Z.  White House Down or Olympus has fallen is next.  Movies are the best.
Big Hit Songs:  Every summer has it's music.  I know that some of the big songs this year are from Bruno Mars and not sure who else.  So I went to ITunes to see what every one's listening to.  You love Robin Thick's song  (I do too), Imagine Dragons, and Miley Cyrus.  I am waiting until the non-samsung world gets to hear JayZ's album.  
 And those are some of my summer obsessions.  It's not over no matter what Target says-it has some time left before it starts smelling like the heat that is August.