Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Commoner's Head is Tired of Marathon Training.

First of all I have to share this.

 I have no reason for posting it other than I'm a little obsessed with it.  

So I'm in week 6 of marathon training and I have to tell you it's really hard. So aside from Naked Matt Harvey I'm including a lot of motivational things from Pinterest.
This is what my head tells me on every run over 3 miles.  There's no reason to do these runs at my age and even do a marathon.  What am I trying to prove.  I could just take a step class at the gym have fun and call it a day.  But no I am crazy.
I put this one here because of this problem my running head has.  When training for my two half marathons and when I got to the 11 mile training runs I knew I was almost done.  Now when I got to 10 and it hurt, all I could think was-it's week 5 this is just the beginning.  So I have to trust that my running schedule is survivable and at the end if I can get through it I can conquer the marathon.

This is what my head thought would happen.  I'm going to tell you it's not happening and here's why.  Because my head says while I'm running, "hey idiot, after you finish today's 5 you know you have to do it again tomorrow only tomorrow is 6." 

Then my head says this "You know in a month it's back to work and then what are you going to do genius?"   My head is not letting me enjoy the journey at all and it needs to shut up.

So what am I going to do?  Not run the marathon and then look back at this phase of my midlife crisis with regret -when I'm old?  No I can't do that.  I have to survive this..  So I need some motivation -other than naked Matt Harvey..although that visual could get me through some miles.

One thing I've done is start counting burned calories instead of miles.  When I finished my 10 mile last week, which was a horrible terrible run-Nike Fuel Band told me I burned 1300 calories and I felt a lot better.  There's nothing else I can do that's going to have that kind of payback.
During last week's horrific 10 mile run my head kept saying "In 3 months you are turning 50 (same day as the marathon)  Is this really how you want to spend the end of a great decade?  This is not fun-your forties have been fun."  

I am saying back to my head this-"Shut up stupid head-yes I do want to run the marathon and train for the next 3 months because it's EPIC!"

I can't give up on this.  First of all What would Jay Z do.  And also every time my favorite song comes on I would feel terrible, it would be ruined.  So I have to keep going even if I only listen to Jay Z on those long runs-hey that's an idea.
This one is for my Brain -SHUT UP
I'm not really looking for change but I'll go with it

Because even though God has better things to do-somethings got to help


My head is just bored

Let's keep telling ourselves this

 So thanks for listening to my little pep talk.  BTW?  Hip-Butt is about 80 percent feeling better!