Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Commoners Go To Lunch with Matt Harvey

If you are lucky enough to be a Real Housewife with lots of time for lunch with friends or a teacher on summer vacation-you know lunch with friends is one of  the best things you can do.  There's nothing like friends.
 Organizing any of our group activities is quite a project and usually consists of text messages.  I said usually.   This time we formed a Face Book Group and here's the train of thought.

Can you see how hard that is?  That was really hard.  This happens every week with one exception-I learned how to put pictures in my messages and that became the game. I can't stop.  I'm warning you I will probably message you just to do a sticker.  It's the best ever

Cheap Seats Hollister California

 This is Cheap Seats-it's very casual and here are some things that happened

  • We made fun of Kristen and her bunion surgery
  • We passed around naked Matt Harvey pictures on my cell phone

  • We talked about our friend of a friend of a friend-let's call her Sosa Ranchez -Sosa has found out that every piece of ID she owns in expired and she's supposed to fly to San Diego tonight.  We may never see Sosa again.  

It's a good thing Sosa Ranchez wasn't with us -she couldn't have even gotten in.

We talked more about Beth's chicken Pancake and the Guinea Pig that she killed.  May I add-it's her friend's guinea pig.  Beth was baby sitting it, but took off for a night at a friend's house and left the guinea pig home to die.

We talked about the great back to school sales at Target and the fact that Lesli had managed to buy 500 notebooks for her and Beth's class.

This made us all feel like this picture so we had to take out the Matt Harvey picture to make us all feel better.

We talked about all of our assorted physical ailments and this made us feel old so you know what we did?  That's right.

We decided that this picture pretty much makes things better all the time so we proceeded to put this picture on our phones for more instant access.  It's now my wallpaper (I'll have to change it when work starts).  It's my ringtone on Kristen's phone.  I will be calling her every time she's stressed.

Beth took a phone call at one point and stood literally two feet form the table and talked really loud and walked around.  She got off the phone and confused us with some really juicy, yet complicated gossip. 

This made our heads hurt so you know what happened next?  That's right Matt Harvey.

We talked about setting Kristen up with a blind man who drives a car.  Beth's working on that one.  

We talked about the summer movies we had seen.  We all want to see the Heat.  We all also concurred that Superman was really hot.
I'm not sure what else we really talked about -but we laughed alot.  We know we have 5 more weeks of vacation and that the 5th grade has enough notebooks to last until retirement.

We even had a visit from a friend of a friend that we knew from a party.  Gerado invited us to play slush ball on Saturday.  He also enjoyed stories of my famous golfing outings and lack of golf ethics.

All around it was a great 3 hour lunch at Cheap Seats. Last we heard Sosa Ranchez made it to San Diego no problem.  Apparently expired licenses last a year.  She still has to get back though.  Sosa you can do it!

Next week we are bringing lunch to Kristen because she will be rehabilitating from bunion surgery.  Yes we passed the pictures of bunions around and examined all of our feet and we ALL have bunions.  This was so disgusting we needed to cleanse our brains.

Cut to -well you know