Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Commoner Goes To Lunch

One of the best things about being a teacher is summer.  I bet you never knew that.  I turn into Real Housewife of Hollister and my day goes something like this.
  • wake up and hang around with the dog
  • work out  (I run)
  • go out to lunch with your friends or go shopping
  • Catch your husband up on the drama when he comes home.

That's pretty much my summer and I LOVE IT.

So Today I got a text from my commoner friend Kristen to have lunch tomorrow.  I was all in.  But then-I decided to call an orthopedic doctor and he said he could take me tomorrow so lunch was changed to today.  Of course it took 50 confusing text messages to set that up.

We met at the 19th Hole -a bar/restaurant in a town next to Hollister called Tres Pinos.  Yes that's right.  That's the name of the town.  (Insert laughter and hey get a load of thises)

To tell you about the 19th hole and Tres Pinos in general.  It's a no stop light town.  You will think you time warped into the old west.  It's like going to a ghost town.  Its a bar with the swinging doors and cow hide on the wall.  

They make great steak though.  I love that place actually.  I've had a lot of good times there.  But still-being there makes me often say 'where on earth do I live'.

My friend Beth -second picture-on the left.  Lives in Tres Pinos.  She has a big house with a lot of land in a sub division called Stone Gate, or Stone Hedge, or Stone Rock.  

Beth's from Maryland and is the daughter of a Navy Admiral or some high rank, who made her living as a sky diver before becoming a teacher.  You can't make this up. 

Since moving to the country Beth has added chicken farmer to her resume.

She promises to guest blog with her story of her newest baby chick Pancake.  Yes Beth names her chickens, her rooster, and the chicks.  The chicks name is Pancake.

Can you imagine how Pancake got his name?  Did you know one chicken can sit on 45 eggs?  Did you know you can eat eggs that are fertilized?  Or unfertilized?  The only way an egg becomes a chick is if the chicken sits on it?  Do you know that chickens are so dumb they have a brain the size of a pea?  Did you know that a chick can survive being crushed?  Did you know one rooster can service a lot of chickens?  Did you know any of this?  Did you know that you can put up surveillance cameras to see who is killing your chickens?

I learned all of this at lunch.  By the time of that lunch was over-I was dizzy.  As we were leaving we saw this sign and it pretty much sums it all up.

Cowboy Burger-(yep I saw a cowboy on a tractor go right by)  Out of New York  ( I am-I really am)