Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Commoner Lives In California

When I first found out Rob's job was moving to San Jose I really thought it was going to be near Los Angeles.  I thought it was near Santa Barbara.

 It turns out San Jose is here.

It's nice.  It's the home of Apple, Yahoo, and Google.  I don't work at those places and I don't live in San Jose.  I live here.

San Jose is the second most expensive area in the country to live in and I wanted a bigger house.  So I live in Hollister.  I love that my house is biggish, I love the weather, I love the food and I love San Francisco.  I don't really love Hollister-I tolerate it.  (Sorry natives-I speak truth always)
 When I'm particularly homesick and have had enough Billy Joel I will hop on BART and sing this song by Train.
But some times California is particularly far from the people you know and love.  We have missed meeting this adorable baby.

We have missed this fantastic wedding in England.

 And lastly we will miss the opportunity this week to say goodbye to this great man-my cousin Pat.
 So until they figure out a way to beam up like Scotty-California is really far away from the rest of the world.  Except for Vegas.  We're pretty close to Vegas.