Friday, April 22, 2016

Working Out And Staying Awake

Some weeks you kick ass some weeks the ass kicks you.
I spent most of the week in an unexplainable bad mood.

I have no reason to be in a bad mood.  I'm not doing trash pick up with the convicts, I love my job, i'm healthy, Ihave everything.  But sometimes you just are.
Roses should be smelled when you stop.
I know that.
Even my running was difficult.  But the best part was taking a nap on the bike at the gym.  I'm sure I took a nap.  I at least closed my eyes and put them on my hands for a few minutes.  Just a few minutes.  I'm that out of shape.

The highlight was my podcast about the 1916 Rising which I didn't even really understand.

Stuff You Missed in History Class was all about the 1916 Rising.  I'm still not sure what it led to but it was timely.  I was lucky to be there then.

Tomorrow all the Phillips and all of Joe's friends are going to the Giant's Game.

Love them.  They better win.