Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marathon Details Part 2!!

Checking in with my cousin was great.  He's going to pick us up from the airport and go the expo with us and then go to dinner with us Saturday and help Rob find his away around the course!  All set and so excited.

Hopefully I'll be smiling at the start and wearing my cool head band.  

Today I did my first distance run with heart rate and time.  75 minutes at 75% heart rate.  My heart rate was never that low.  I tried but I couldn't quite go that slow.  It was the first time I ever ran over 6 miles without stopping.  I was relaxed and felt good the entire time.  I think I like this training system.
The trail looked beautiful and green with creeks, rivers, and ponds all comfortably filled with water.  The trail looks beautiful and because I was running by heart rate instead of being stressed out I could enjoy it.

An interesting thing happened.  I had to use the car USB port to charge my phone and the itunes phone decided to go through all my songs alphabetically.  It was fun!  I only made it to Aint No Mountain High Enough Version 1.  Although I skipped some songs.  Like the Christmas Carols.  But I own thousands of songs it was good to listen to ones I have forgotten about.
Like this one!!