Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It sounded Good at The Time

Soon I'll be training for my third marathon.  Have you heard?  The New York City Marathon a Dream come true!!
By The Way The Rangers are in the Stanley cup playoffs.  This is their year!!

I've run 2 marathons and generally like the rigor of training.  But oh no-this time was going to be different I was going to get a coach to help me.  So that I could survive and so that I would be strong and not have a nervous breakdown.

I hope I see cows on my run sometime but today I had to settle for a turkey.

That's right a turkey.  I start my crazy training tomorrow (HELLO COACH no swimming please)  And it's crazy.  Today's running was suffering I was distracted trying to figure out my watch and forgot to turn on my nike app when Holy Crap THERE"S A TURKEY!!

RIght up ahead of me what's that?  It's a turkey!  There was a turkey on my block yesterday too.  Must be the same guy.  So I chased him for a while like Rocky and then I tried to take this picture.

I'm pretty sure turkeys are this years goat.  Both can live on my Irish farm.  That will be fun.

This coach would have told me just run!    But that wasn't enough for me.

So I would like to hang out with you some more but tomorrow I have a two hour workout.

Yep-for the next thousand months