Saturday, April 16, 2016

Marathon Planning All the Logistics

This whole marathon thing started all those years ago because I have this crazy cousin who always runs the New York City Marathon and that he loves loves loves it.  Hence I will love it too.
He's in this picture right here!  I'm behind him.  I look a little ADD there.

Anyway I'm all set with transportation set up (midtown bus) and the fact that I'm taking a poncho not baggage drop off.  Not because I want the poncho (ok i do) but because I'm freezing after the race.

We did all this while I was at the gym doing my fitness making one hour bike ride with a sustained heartrate of 136.  I'm still in shock that I am considered not fit.  If I'm not fit what about all  those treadmill and elliptical early morning gym goers-what are they considered?
That's how I look at 445AM at the gym.  

I don't look like this.

I like the bike at the gym.  It doesn't make me dizzy and I can listen to podcasts.
Today's podcast taught me that those people that go door to door canvasing for politics?  They lie about their results.

Why do they lie?  If you are going to lie why do you bother.
When I turned on my tv this morning Sesame Street was on HBO (when did that happen)  This was on.  I watched the whole thing-no shame look at that chin.  And again I say

How can you chose Batman over Superman.....

Remind me to tell you about my quest for a hamburger some other time