Thursday, April 7, 2016

Running advice from a 14 Year Old

I messed up my work/running schedule this week because I forgot that I had to supervise the Girls Flag Football Game today.  Every Sunday I look at my calendar and plug in my workouts and that's it-Done.  That's the hardest part.

So I had a few choices.  I could

A.  Change into my running clothes and run laps around the perimeter while the game is on

B.  Run when the game is over and I get home.

I haven't been feeling good.  I have been super exhausted napping at 6 O'Clock.  And work is hard.  It makes me tired.  It's  along day.  I'm whining.

But more than I hate that I hate carrying workout clothes to school and changing.  I really hate that.

So in order to run that late I have to fuel and hydrate carefully.  I made a chicken salad for lunch.  (The good kind not the tuna kind).  But before the football game at about 4:15 I knew I needed two things.  A cup of coffee and a great chocolate bar from Ireland.

I love my job.  I really like the kids and am known to sit and chat with a group of 8th graders after school when I don't want to work anymore.  Then I received advice

Don't eat the candy.  
Don't drink the coffee.

Mrs. Phillips you can't run if that is how you fuel.  You will be tired before you start.

Also if you ran now we would run with you.

I love my job.  I really do.  

My 8th graders are wise and I often consider them my life coaches.

Anyway I went running at 6PM and it was the best run in a long time.  But next time I will listen to my young coaches.  

No Picture.
Now song.
No inspiration.

I'm watching Scandal right now!

That's all