Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I went to the gym...I think-and go Superman

Boy you guys loved my input on Superman vs. Batman.  Okay I'll include some crazy reflections from time to time....

But today I went to they gym.  I think. I'm not sure .  I'm not sure for the following reasons

1.  The towel girls were not there.  No one was doing a set and resting for 10 minutes while putting the towel on the machine they aren't using.

2.  It didn't feel hard even though it was like two weeks since I had been there

3.  And most importantly.  I forgot to check in.  So it may have been a dream  Not a reality.  There is no facebook proof. So it may not have happened.  And this may or may not be what I look like at the gym.  Again there is no facebook proof

That's me!  Really!  Ha

Anyway  I would like to be able to be over this jet lag.  I need a nap when I come home from work and then I'm up at 4.

Inspiration of the day

Just let loose and have some fun.

This song popped up on my play list and I loved it.  I think it will be great on my 20 mile training run
I am still obsessed with Candy Crush.  It's been like 7 years!

Tomorrow I have a calendar confusion.  But alas I will still run.