Friday, April 15, 2016


Last night I had this great run.  I showered I ate a bowl of cereal I watched Gray's Anatomy and then went upstairs to work on emails and to write this blog.

I wish I had this fancy meal from Aer Lingus for dinner but alas I had toast.

Anyway all of a sudden Benjie starts barking.  I look outside and there are people on my lawn doing something and I have another little freak out.   The people saw me and what if they come back after burying the body on my grass?????? What happens then ?????

I finally get the nerve to go and look and I see this
Now I don't know what this is.  This is freaky.  It's like the godfather.  Well it turns out that sign says it's from the Hollister Womens Club.  The blue thing?  It's directions like a chain letter.  Apparently someone loves me a lot and sent these to be put on my lawn.  They could live there for 24 hours.  The blue pouch says put money in patch as a 'donation' we can then pass it to someone else or they take them away.  
Sound familiar?  They are going to make me an offer I can't refuse.

Anyway after that excitement I was tired.   Off to sleep I went.
Coach said check your heart rate in the morning.  Tell me what it is.

Okay it's 65.  That's good right?  It sounds awesome
This is looming.  Looming I tell you like the Thanksgiving turkey.  
Coach is that high?  Oh don't worry it will come down when you get fit!  Get fit???? What have I been doing all this time?  Aren't I fit?

Couldn't do the AM wake up thing so I did an hour on the bike after work in the gym.

Warrior Women Unite