Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'm a Rule Breaker

I've been determined to keep this blog reserved for training for the marathon.  This was a scheduled day off and by popular demand I've been asked to blog about two things.
The Walking Dead Finale 
Batman Vs Superman.

Lets start with the Walking Dead and 5 questions/comments  (I feel like buzzfeed makes me only want to talk in numbers and lists)
 1.  Seeing Rick so afraid made me sure that things are bad.

2.  Where was Judith?
3.  Was I the only one to find Negan strangely intriguing?

4.  Rick your team got a bargain one life in exchange for all the Savages you took.

5.  I'm never taking part in the Zombie apocalypse.  I'm going out with the virus because -I like showers and being clean way to much.

6.  Actually the zombie apocalypse is a great diet plan.

7.  Why did Negan cheat at Eenie Meanie Minie Mo.  Seriously will you ever be able to hear someone say that again.  But really he cheated.

8.  Daryl can't be dead. 

9.  My bet is on Abraham being bone crunched to death.

Batman VS Superman - Why you should Be on Team Superman (DUH)

1.  Why is this a thing and why do we need our superheros to vs each other.  I refuse to even endorse such madness.  But if you give me five minutes I'll go on and on about why Superman wins.

2.  Superman is an every man.  Batman is a dark depressive personality.  He never even smiles.  Ever

3.  Superman is cheerful and believes in truth, justice and the American Way.  Batman believes in money and big houses.  He's a 1%er

4.  Superman believes in family values-he was adopted and raised on a farm in the midwest.  Plus-he goes home to visit his family.  

5. Superman is the everyman.  He holds down a job.  He isn't even high up on the ladder.

6.  Batman has everything handed to him.  Batman was a trust fund baby.

7.  Superman's mom takes care of him.  Batman has a 'butler'

8.  Superman lives in a small NY apartment.  Batman lives in a mansion

9.  Superman doesn't wear a mask.  He wears a cape

10.  Superman believes in the love a good woman.  Batman sleeps around.

11.  Seinfeld was a Superman guy

12.   Superman can just fly away from Batman.  He also has great strength and xray vision.  Again -he can fly away

13.  Finally

Case Closed.