Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cakes and Cookies and Treadmills

4AM I'm awake at 4AM because rob's alarm went off and I was awake but I waited for the alarm to go off so I could go to the gym for my quick little treadmill workout.
But I did go to the gym for a 20 minute easy run and guess what?  I actually kept my heart rate at the correct pace and took 2 minutes off my pace.  That's awesome.  It's working!  I knew it would
I was flying!

It was a fun day at work.  Testing is coming together nicely and there was another roach in my office and now I can say I HAVE SEEN A ROACH.  Hurray for coworkers who save you.
Proof my heart rate used to be lower.  I'm wondering if my time in Ireland lost all my fitness.  I did take my heart rate after jumping around seeing the bug.  It was a little higher than this.

Anyway-there was cake involved because one co worker is retiring and one was teacher of the year.  And there were egg rolls and chow mein and enchiladas.  It was really really great.
No clams or zucchini though

Anyway then it was off to the teacher of the year ceremony where I had those great cookies.  You know the ones.
And then I laughed and laughed with some very dear friends .

Oh yeah and I parked in the parking garage.  My town has a parking garage.  Weird.  I had to go to the third cherry level to get a spot and yes it was creepy.  I was told that no big deal they have cameras if you get mugged.

Today while working out I listened to a podcast about people who can't forget anything.  They hate it because it's a real burden to remember every single detail.  Like what day the oscars were on 25 years ago.