Wednesday, April 13, 2016

History in the Making

Time out from my two a day training session to say.  WOW to Steph Curry.  Barring an epic (not likely) collapse the Warriors are on their way to making HISTORY!!!!  

Ode to the NBA!  (I didn't have a handy Warriors pic)

Coach uses a method where I train by heart rate and time.  I also have other cross training features like riding a bike.  Always by time and heart rate.  WTH?  That sounds crazy.  So I had a little freak out.  Because I love to have those.

Calm down people-move along-nothing to see here.

Then I commit to the process and dive in -So I rode the bike at the gym and I liked that and it was fun...
Then I had to come home and do it again because I just couldn't get up any earlier to get to the gym.  So two a days.  Sunrise and sunset..  I'm really excited about this I'm not even joking

I'm probably going to look like this before it's all over.

So what do I have learned to listen to podcasts.  I think I told you that when I couldn't sleep in Ireland I listened to Ted Talk Podcasts.  Which are different than ted talks.  But just as awesome.  

My cousin Jimmy told me about a pod cast called Things you didn't learn in history class.  Or something.  Which is great because somehow with my stellar education (no sarcasm) I missed a lot of history.
As a result of this philosophy I know nothing (I'm blaming this idea although I'm sure it's wrong).

Today I learned about a serial killer doctor who was friends with the Wright brothers.  I think , maybe, I think that's what the lady said.

It was crazy he would marry a girl, use her money to become or set up a practice/there would be mysterious deaths, and he would do it again.  It's fascinating.  I can't wait to share all my knowledge with you.
This is Austin Texas being built.  I know nothing of the history of Texas.  Something to do with an Alamo, But I'm gonna learn stuff marathon training and so are you!