Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time For A Change

Running through my entire play list A-Z has been fun.  I went through the section about breathing

Remember the drought?

Anyway then came the can't section.  Neither of these are really good for running.  Songs about losing your breath and can't doing things don't help your mental state when you are trying to keep your heart rate low.
But now I'm going through the change section.  All the songs are about change.  Which is okay I guess.  I also got to hear some songs about chains and champions.  Those were good too.
I'm obsessed with my heart rate and this watch.  Obsessed with all of it.

Today some one called at work and I answered what have I done wrong.  The kind person on the other end said why do you think you've done something wrong and I said.  I'm doing 500 things statistically something is going to be wrong.

Imagine if these guys threw the fish wrong?  They could have and you would be full of fish heads .

Running was better today.  I ran faster and was able to control my heart rate a little better.  Patience is the name of the game.

Song of the day.  Chapel Song  We are The Augustines.

I've never heard of it before and I don't know how it is on my playlist.  But I'm liking this.