Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Dreadmill

It was raining again and I was slated to do 5 miles so I went to the gym and did them on the treadmill.  

Random thought.  Inspite of my plea and bargaining more people are still on Batman's side.  Really people?

I can't talk about my treadmill work out.  You don't want to read about it I don't want to relive it.  But I do have three observations
1.  I always feel like I'm going to fall
2.  Time goes way too slowly
3.  It makes me dizzy

Better than a treadmill?  Flying back to Dublin

Anyway speaking of Dublin-I couldn't sleep there.  Well I could in 3 hour shifts.  Which usually meant 3 hours of sleep.  So I got used to podcasts.   Have you heard of Ted Talk Podcast?  Better than a ted talk (not so presumptuous) because it has a theme.  Like things that are hidden

Did you know the ocean has mountains that are bigger than Everest?  And that there are 13 foot worms there?  Crazy.  I learned a lot while not sleeping.

High School Flash Back.  I never learned about this in highschool.