Thursday, April 14, 2016


This week I've been a little stressed.  I've been stressed by the clutter in my office.  The clutter in my small office was boxes every where.  It's testing season  and there were boxes every where in my office and i was feeling stressed by it.

This is my son Joe.  This sign is funny.  How was the wedding two weeks ago anyway. No stress that week.

Anyway today one of my teacher friends came to get her test packet when she noticed a cockroach in the box.

I think the cockroach was the size of baby Benjie.

Anyway among the things I screamed while my friend was nice enough to get rid of the bug was "This is why I dont live in the Bronx"  and "I quit"  (because really that's why I don't live in the Bronx).  Thanks to good friends for saving my butttt
So Long Cockroach.  I'll get rid of your kind

I'm sort of liking this new training where you go by time and hearbeat.  I get to run really easy which means I don't stress and I don't hurt and I don't care about the wind or the hills I just run until the clock stops.  I have faith that this is going to work for me.  I'm not sure how but I have faith.  Plus I'm working out a lot which means I'll be ready for NOVEMBER 6th

This turtle runs faster than me.

Run on friend Run on.  

This song