Friday, December 9, 2011

Something to keep the Commoners Warm

I was just wondering if it was a coincidence that Mallys TSV on QVC was called Mally's Favorite Things-I hope she didn't steal that idea from me. 

I've given you a lot of suggestions for fun gifts for your family.  I can think of nothing better than those thick plush throw blankets that feel like a furry stuffed animal.

There are a few good reasons to buy and give one of these.  If you are like me and most commoners you like to stay warm but don't like the high cost of heating (seriously who wants to give PG&E money you could rather use on cosmetics).  You will likely see me wrapped up in one of these walking around the house, sitting on one, sitting under one, sharing with Benjie-so many ways.

Also I've given you the movie idea and the popcorn idea -so here's something to snuggle with while enjoying those....or not.  These are always good for everyone of every age.  Plus they look good-they make your couch look like you are not a commoner but a rich socialite who wears fur everywhere she goes.

So for everyone on your list-especially the ones like me who are ALWAYS cold-=the commoner suggest the furry, stuffed animal throws-available everywhere at every price