Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Movie You Saw and I Didn't Even Get

That's right I'm a ferocious reader and an avid movie goer but here's something that will shock you.  I have never read a Harry Potter book.  They are too big, too heavy, too hard to follow, I never read the first one, and I don't like wizards or wizardry stories (except for Oz because well you know there's no place like home). 

This fact shocks people because you know I read books, I love pop culture and events, and I'm a teacher-but omg they are so big!  The other shocking thing about me is that I have never once seen one of these movies-until now.
The commoners love movies-we try to go on Thursdays on a regular basis-and you know that I give this town I live in a realllly hard time, but I will tell you this-we have the best movie theater anywhere.  Cheap movie tickets, clean comfy theaters and serve yourself butter and toppings for your popcorn and if you buy the large you can have refills.  Love love love Premier Cinemas.
So when two of my friends who are Harry Potter die hards were going myself and Kristen had to go too.  We can't miss an event (well Kristen's often overbooked so she does) and I can't miss a chance to sit in the theater and eat that popcorn so off we went.
Let me tell you-what you're thinking is true-you can't just jump in at the last Harry Potter Movie (not the last but first of the last) without some knowledge other than my favorite line "your a wizard Harry".  We had no idea what was going on-we asked a lot of questions, talked a lot, got a little bored, ate a lot of popcorn, our butts started to hurt from sitting for so long and we had no idea why our friends were crying when the ugly little monster died at the end.

Needless to say I didn't go back to see part two of the end-neither were we invited to join Beth and Lesli. The students in my class shake their head at all  of this and I don't blame them.  But it was a bad year for movies, I couldn't even think of one to name as best of the year-so the Commoner suggest that you see the two Harry Potter ending movies-just make sure to watch the rest first or read a few of the books.