Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something for the Man in the Commoner's Life

I realized today that I have not given you enough ideas for the common man in your life.  This is because well-that's how it goes-his gifts are usually mundane to buy and really unless you buy really cool sweaters or sweatshirts you can hardly ever borrow them.  But however-every year I feel obliged to go to Costco, or QVC or somewhere anywhere and buy him a really cool set of tools.  I'm pretty sure I end up buying him the same thing every year-maybe not-I'm not really sure.

But you know this about me by now-I like things with a lot of pieces so I usually look for the tool kit that has the most spigots or wrenches or Phillips things or something.  Now they even make them in cool colors.  Sometimes I buy a drill-those are cool too.  Mostly I shop by price.  How much have I spent? How much do I have left?  Has he taken out the garbage today? You know the usual criteria.

I noticed the other day in Costco-some of the kits come in really cool colors like neon green and blue-this could influence my decision as well. 

I only know that no matter what I buy in the tool department Commoner Bob actually likes it and adds it to his collection (kind of like shoes or makeup for me).

So for the man in the commoner's life I humbly suggest buy some nifty, randy tool kit.