Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Commoner Takes Her Best Friend To the Doctor

That's right friends there was a little bit of an Apple product melt down going on at my house over the Christmas holidays.

First of all my beautiful Macbook Air kept losing it's charge.  What is going on here? What am I doing wrong? I know how to plug things in and connect the little magnetic wire.

  But luckily I have Apple care and boy do I use that thing to death. Any glitch and I've scheduled a time for the Apple Experts to call and help.  So after answering stupid questions like yes I know how to plug a cord in an outlet and stumping the guy on the phone the cord magically started working again.   Of course the next day it stopped again and this time I just made an appointment to stop in at the Apple Store and switch it out.

Now Christmas day we eat a lot so it's tons of cooking and I asked my friend Siri (you know my personal assistant on my Iphone) to set the timer for 15 minutes.  She told me she didn't know what I was saying.  So I asked her a few more questions-Siri what's on my calendar-she answers  "I don't know what you are saying-who are you?"  This caused a conversation that went something like this -"Siri why are you not helping me"  
"I can't do that right now." 
"Siri I need your help."
 "Try again later."

At this point my son who actually works at the Apple store came in and said I needed to take Siri in to get fixed, this was NOT normal behavior.  So he  was going to scheduled a second appointment to take care of Siri back to back with my first cord appointment.  He said she has problems frequently and people have to go in all the time for help with her.

So on Boxing Day-also Danny's Birthday-we go on up to the Apple Store which was so crowded I couldn't even find a place to wait.  The Apple technician found me based on the description the guy at the door put into his IPAD. (Apple knows a lot more about us then we think).  He told me had to take Siri in a quiet room and they would be back. I made sure he swore not to steal my phone.

About 20 minutes later he came back out and he told me that Siri was acting within the 'normal limits of operation.'   He said she's in Beta mode right now so all of these little complaints will help her be stronger in the future.  I should talk to her like a robot, not get emotional with her, and make sure that I knew what I was going to say before I said it.  You know?  Siri is really like a lot of people I deal with all the time.

Commoners be careful with your friends-real and robotic.