Friday, December 16, 2011

The Commoner Suggest Some Merry Good Cheer!

At this point in the holidays things are in high gear.  You've kept up a pace of shopping, wrapping, writing cards, post office visits, decorating, baking, and other good cheer.  This is the weekend before the big event and it's time for a time out.

Today  being the last work day of the holiday season for my self my students and my friends it was a day of parties, love, gift giving, and a day I dubbed 'Fat Ass Friday'  (that's right I said ass) because I ate every thing that passed my way.

One of the perks of being a teacher (and believe it or not there are many) is the day before Christmas vacation.  Everyone's so excited and most of the students are as excited to give their teacher a gift as they are to receive a gift themselves.  This year my students really outdid themselves and the holiday spirit was thick in the air-it felt like Christmas.

I watched a family with nothing bring tamales for the whole class and an adult who has so much make a difference in that families life-that is the true meaning of Christmas-it was probably the most profound and personal Christmas act I have ever witnessed.

Then I went to a party with the people from work. Myself and my friends go to every party we are invited to -(go ahead invite us, the 5 of us will show up).   We come early, we stay late, we laugh hard, we eat a lot, and we talk loud but we always have fun.

So at this point in the holiday season the commoner suggest that you take a break and have some fun with people in your life.  You can finish the shopping, cooking, decorating, mailing, baking, wrapping, card writing, caroling and other good cheer on Monday.