Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Commoner's Suggestion for Family Movie Night

Here is something you should put under the tree for your whole family and then snuggle in with some popcorn and enjoy this together.

There's so much to love about this musical-and I'm not big on musicals.  It's a great period piece.  The costumes, the setting, and that house.  I love love love that house.  

I love the way the movie winds through the seasons of the year and I love this family.  Among the themes that I love are the love and devotion of this family.  They really love each other but not in a sickening way-they bicker-which is fun. (wow I've said love a lot tonight)

I love the theme of having to leave St. Louis and how heart wrenching it is for them.  I can certainly identify with this situation and feel for them and must admit the ending makes me a little envious.

The music is great.  Clang, Clang, clang went the trolley after all-and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas takes on special meaning when you know what it's about.  You can feel the heartbreak.

Don't forget the world's fair....I grew up driving by  this icon probably more than once a week.  So any mention of a World's Fair brings me home.

So this might be a hard sell depending on the age of your family members but try and talk them into sitting through this masterpiece.  So for your family the commoner suggest Meet Me In St. Louis-and popcorn-and some snugglies.