Friday, December 2, 2011

Something for the little girls on your list

I don't have many kids to buy toys for anymore.  I  only have 3 small children that I need to find gifts for and they all live on the east coast. I've learned to rely on Amazon to pick, wrap, and ship gifts for me.  Sometimes the Christmas card says Happy Birthday but hey-He couldn't read.

This means I don't often shop for toys or meander down the toy aisles-but last Sunday on my weekly trip to Target I noticed this on the endcap and I made my way through the store.  Do you know what this is?  This is the Disney Ultimate Princess Doll Collection.  I love this thing-I almost bought it!  Well I really love packages that have a lot of things-you know the big box of crayons, the multiple packs of toilet paper, the makeup pallets!  I love this stuff.  So this was right up my alley.

Think about it-the princesses could share outfits.  You know Jasmine could wear the blue Cinderella dress and the prince would be really surprised.  Could you imagine Belle ditching that horrid yellow dress and donning Snow White's smart ensemble?

What about the arguing? You know real Princesses of Fantasy Land-they could lunch, shop, and flip tables and fight-Bravo this is a great idea.

So for the little girl on your Christmas list for the modest price of 37.99 (free shipping if you buy on line)  your little princess can have 7 that's right 7 princesses of her own.