Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Commoner's Restaurant of the Year

This year I got to try a lot of great restaurants.  My daughter moved to Napa and I get to eat in a lot of great places when I visit her.  I'm not a big wine fan (puts me to sleep) but I'm a big fan of food.  Everytime I go I try a different restaurant. But there's always one place I make sure to go to and That's Tyler Florence's Rotisserie and Wine.

It reminds me of the beautiful french countryside (although I've never been to France) but with southern food (although I never go to the south).  But this is what it would be like if you were French and ate in Atlanta I'm sure-only with a celebrity chef-who is never there I'm sure.

As a commoner I usually only go out for lunch.  First of all lunch is always cheaper.  Second of all if you eat a big meal earlier in the day and nothing else the rest of the day you  probably won't gain weight.  So when I go to Tyler's I eat a really great steak sandwich of some sort and then you always get to eat these great sides-I love the mac and cheese and the really good potatoes of some sort.

Now I have some inside news that this restaurant recently failed health inspections-I don't know how because I always judge a restaurant by the cleanliness of the bathroom and Tyler's restaurants are impeccably clean and beautiful.  Maybe they should spend less time cleaning those bathrooms come to think of it. 

So for best restaurant that the Commoner went to this year I suggest Tyler Florence's Rotisserie and Wine in Napa Valley