Monday, December 26, 2011

The Commoner's Website of the Year

I know what you are thinking-really  Wow commoner you are really cutting edge-what about google, spotify, twitter, or facebook?  I tell you no it's Amazon.

Why did this year I decide that Amazon was indispensable after all these years?  Well you know what I discovered? Amazon Prime.  For a fee of 79 dollars a year I get free 2 day shipping and handling on all products plus until September when the Grinch known as the state of California starts collecting tax -everything on Amazon is tax free.

You know I give this town a hard time almost daily (pretty soon the chamber of commerce may pack my bags and leave them on the Santa Clara County line and tell me leave already)-but it's true-save a Target, some supermarkets, and that kick ass theater there's nothing here.  I'm busy-I work a lot and have to work out as well, and write my blog, and grade homework packets so I don't have time to make the 20 minute ride to Gilroy for everything I need.  But I can order almost anything on Amazon from the comfort of anywhere and 2 days later voila it's here.

In addition to this-I finally found a way to send wrapped gifts back east  and voila-it arrives gift wrapped-tax free and shipping free. Because Hollister also has a horrible post office which I avoid like the plague so no one ever got gifts from me.

I can stream movies, and tv shows, and if I had an actual kindle instead of an app I could read really great kindle books for free.

There are so many times I'm at work and I want a book for my students for some activity which pops presto in my head and if it's not available in a kindle edition it will be there in 2 days.  I can also resell my purchases if I want to.

Amazon knows all my information and I can order things in one click-I love that-and no matter where I'm shopping I check Amazon before I purchase anything because right away I'm saving whatever tax is at any given moment.  It's great.  Hey' I'm a Commoner-I may be a loyal friend, but I'm fickle when it comes to cost or convienence

So commoner I present to you  For almost all of your needs of any kind.