Monday, December 19, 2011

The Best of 2011

2011 was a very strange year.  It was a year where many personal endings happened-so it's a year when things are shifting.  First of all we became official empty nesters-that is really strange and any of you who have gone through that know what I mean.
  Second it was the end of the combo which I ran for 5 years.  This was an extremely popular and successful program which I implemented combining and looping second and third graders-alas it was victim to budget cuts as the numbers of students to teachers could no longer support it and for the first time I taught a straight third grade.  I'll let you know how it works about but for now it seems great.
Third it was the sudden end to a ten year career with the California Amateur Hockey Association.  I'll say it here for the first time in writing-I was stabbed in the back by a member of my own committee and that was enough for me to say-you've had enough of my life I'm moving on (hello Hesta!).
 So a year of endings and some new beginnings but let's look at what we loved the most.  By we I mean me.
You know my complete obsession with television.  When you are an only child raised by adults tv becomes pretty important and you know what it still is.  
 So I present my favorite show of 2011...Sons Of Anarchy.  I've told you how I just discovered FX and thus the sons.  I think the acting is superb and the writing even better.  Gone is that beast we loved so much in the 80s Ron Perlman and instead we have a villain so dastardly he makes Tony Soprano look like a teddy bear (which he looks like anyway).
 Peg Bundy has gotten rid of the spandex  and traded it in for leather pants.  That cute blond guy and his wife are amazing too.
I had pretty much gotten over my fear of bikers living in Hollister and knowing quite a few, but Sons Of Anarchy and the nightmares I had every Tuesday night bought that right back.  Big time fear and respect for all bikers.  The fact that it's set in a a small town in Central California doesn't help-they could in fact be here and I better be careful.

So for the best TV series of 2011-The Commoner offers Son's Of Anarchy in spite of the many sleepless nights from watching it.