Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something for the Commoner's Sweet Tooth

I'm a sucker for any kind of gadgety kitchen thing-even though I rarely cook anymore I'm still a sucker.  So although this isn't a gadget it's so cool-everything you need for a night of chocolaty gooie delicious good for all seasons s'mores kit.

Although I love the Hershey and Kraft marshmallow variety this is the gourmet type and after all it is the holidays and presentation is everything.  In this kit you get handmade chocolate, handmade marshmallow and handmade graham crackers along with the skewers for smoring over a candle  ( I say that because I think the skewers are a little short for holding over an open fireplace fire-but maybe I'm wrong.)  

I truley marvel at the versatility of the smore-over a campfire or indoor fireplace they are such a treat all year long.  Last August there was National S'more Day and I went to a S'more and Wine party at my Aunt's Cousin's house on Long Island-That my friends is how versatile a S'more is.

So for the sophisticate on your list I present the S'mores Kit available from 
and the roasters from that fabulous store Restoration Hardware.  They will appreciate it on those cold winter nights or hot summer camp-outs- (yeah don't save the chocolate that long however)