Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Commoner's Favorite Diet of the Year

The commoner has fought a life long battle against genetics.  What this means is that I always have to be aware of what I'm eating-and it's not just for vanity reasons but health reasons as well.

I've been pretty successful but frankly a lot of those years were spent as a competitive cyclist so those were the easy years.  I often warn my friends that the danger of weight gain is not after the birth of a baby but rather during those years of soccer, dance, basketball, etc.  Those years and a love of french fries at Sharks Ice led to a 25 pound weight gain.

I lost 10 of those pounds on Atkins but they came back.  I liked that diet because you could eat a lot of bacon and whip cream (no not together).  But on this diet the pounds came back at the first loaf of bread.

Then I lost 15 pounds on my ice cream diet.  That diet was very successful for me and I kept those pounds off.  I can eat fat and sugar and it doesn't stick on me -carbs and sodium are my villains.  Those pounds stayed off-but then I kind of got tired of Ben and Jerry's every single day-yes you can get tired of Ben and Jerrys.

10 pounds that would never come off. Oh well.  But I have a friend Rosemary from hockey-who lives in LA and told me about the 17 day diet.  A few months later for no apparent reason I tried it.  Afterall who knows dieting better than people from LA and 17 days? I can do that.

And you know what I did!  In 17 days I lost my last 10 pounds.  Not only did I lose weight but so did countless others who asked about this diet.  It's so easy to follow and after the first 3 days when you go through withdrawal (stay away from people and food for those days).  I survived on a lot of chicken and salad-volumes of chicken actually.

It's been almost a year and the weight is still off.  I still follow many of the principals-I drink green tea every day, eat eggs in the morning, eat Greek yogurt every day, and always eat red grapes.  And drink TONS of water-plus I stay away from carbs and sodium laden processed foods and eat LOTS of chocolate.

So as you go into that dreaded New Year's Resolution-the commoner suggest you give the 17 Day Diet a try -and stick with it through those first three days!