Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Commoner Suggests a Book for The Reader on Your List

This book is not a light Sunday afternoon Nickolas Sparks romantic novel.  This book is heavy reading-it also happens to be the best book I've EVER read-and I've read a lot of books.
Set in Afghanistan- in the current time pretty much- this book is stunning.  There's a lot to get through -we are drenched in the language of Afghanistan and the beginning is a little slow-but once it gets going it is unlike anything you've ever read.
 The women in this novel are true heros and no detail is spared  in the horrible lives that these women are subject to.  There are so many times I had to remind myself that this was taking place in modern-day Afghanistan, not the story of a distant place and time in our history.
I'm also not a crier as you all know but this book actually caused me to weep out loud.  I'm often annoyed about how little I really know about the Middle East and this book-whenever I think about it-reinforces that fact shamefully.  Also the author