Saturday, November 26, 2011

More of My Favorite Things

Today's favorite thing is the Pandigital personal photo and document scanner.  I bought mine at QVC a few years ago but you can also go to their own website and buy one there.  

Since my mother and grandmother were the personal keeper of all the family photos on both sides of the family (Carleo and Daloia) I have inherited these gems.  For a long time they just stayed in their containers rotting away in the magnetic photo albums they were in. 

What to do what to do?  I'm the only one out here in California so to let these priceless photos go to waste or send them away was not going to work.  You can't trust these to the post office. Well one day I was watching QVC when this scanner came on and of course it was on easy pay so I said why not and I bought it.

Since then I've gone through the boxes and removed the pictures from their acid eating albums and scanned them into my computer.  I also then posted them on facebook (check out my photo albums for evidence) for everyone to share. This project is still ongoing but I'm not in a rush.   The originals?  I keep the ones of my mom or of me and the rest I am in the process of giving to Uncle Rocky our family patriarch.  I bring them every time I visit.

So my favorite thing of the day is the Pandigital photo scanner-cost about 100 dollars (or 5 easy pays of 25 with tax and shipping)-sharing those memories with my family-priceless.