Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Commoner Is Thankful For Calculus

Okay this is a stretch.  But this  was one of the follow up lessons to the week long training in August. (Check out commoners learn calculus).  But you really have to be thankful when you get a chance to wake up super early on a Saturday and get to go to the high school to spend all day learning calculus.  Especially when you get to leave the next day for a conference in Palm Springs.

I was thankful that I actually can understand the math that I teach in third grade.  This means I could actually do what they asked of us.  Well not in the beginning when Dr. Flintstone was addressing the crowd. But in the break out part.

I was thankful I got to see all my friends (KRISTEN WHERE WERE YOU) and that I didn't get called on to show how to do anything (I Faked stage fright) and that I will get a paycheck for this.  Also I was very thankful for lunch.

I'm also thankful that Dr. Phil said he liked my blog and he didn't hold it against me when I confessed that I didn't really do the problems etc.

Tomorrow I'm going to Palm Springs for a conference.  If I have internet access I'll be posting my thankfulness-if not I'll post them when I get back.  I also have plans for  a December theme and let me assure you it has nothing to do with peace on earth.