Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Commoner is Thankful for A Beautiful Day in the Napa Valley

Overall there are many things to be thankful for today.  First of all I have a daughter who accomplished something most her age can't.  She landed a job with a winery right out of college in the field she studied.  Delcato Family Winery's is a great company and while she's just starting out she has more perks and benefits than her father and I combined.  I'm thankful she lives in Napa so I can work on my project of eating my way through the area.

  I'm thankful she found room mates who I hope will become friends and I'm thankful that we went up on this beautiful November day to help her move. I'm also thankful for all the free wine even though I don't really drink wine (guess what all of you are getting for Christmas!)-well not the garbage man.

After the move I was really hungry about from whining about all the heavy lifting I really didn't go so we went to Gott's Roadside with 3 locations-and I'm thankful for the butternut squash, great smoked chicken sandwich, and garlic fries.  It was so yummy and such a fun place to eat-cheap and no tip needed.

So since this whole blog originally started with four friends who went to Napa (Rosa, Lesli, and Kristen-what happened to you) it's only fitting that it was a pastry stand in Oxbow Market that knocked me right back down to Commoner status.

We roamed that great market (similar to the Ferry Building for all of you San Francisco people) and decided dessert would be at this place